Gain the Competitive Edge in Bay Area / Silicon Valley Real Estate

We work with companies of all sizes to identify and secure space that perfectly fits culture, budget, and operational requirements, while procuring the best terms possible.

Listen, Analyze, Execute

We take the time to understand your business, including your goals, objectives, problems, concerns, and aspirations. Then we keenly assess your requirement, and deliver the best real estate solution for your business.

Expand. Relocate. Renew. Consolidate. Construct. Optimize. Improve.

Regardless of your leasing requirement, Weststone aims to help you fulfill every aspect of your needs so you can focus on what matters most - running your business.

Providing Custom Space Solution

Weststone offers fully integrated tenant representation services, helping tenants find office, light or heavy industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, and R&D / lab spaces throughout the Bay Area / Silicon Valley. We work with tenants of all sizes to choose a facility or space that meets their specific requirements.

Weststone Partners provide tenant representation to professional firms such as attorneys, accountants / CPA firms, banking, financial services, money managers, insurance, medical, healthcare related, biotech / life science / lab, retail stores, restaurants, software / hardware, high-tech companies, machine shops, industrial / warehouse operators, manufacturing, advertising / marketing, architectural, design, education, institutional, and other service providers.



Assessing Your Business & Real Estate Needs

How do you evaluate how much space you need? Are you prepared for future growth? Should you relocate or renew your lease? Making an informed decision about your space needs can significantly impact your bottom line. Weststone helps you evaluate your space needs and work with you to find a space that meets your current and future requirements.

There are many important factors that you need to address when evaluating your space requirements, including:

What is my rental budget?
Where do my employees live?
How much office space does my operation need? How many square feet per employee?
Does my business need visibility?
Does the location offer easy access to freeways, public transportations including Bart or subways, VTA, buses, etc.,
What trucking access does my company need?
Grade level door or dock high?
What are my unique requirements, including access to Comcast cable service, clean rooms, electrical power levels, etc.
Does my current space meet my operational needs?
Does my operation require any fire sprinklers?
Does relocation or expansion meet my future needs?
Does the location or space decision impact my customer base?
When should I start looking for a new space? What's an ideal target date for relation? How long will it take for me to find the right property?
Should I exercise the option to extend my current lease or relocate to a new facility / building?
Will it be more cost effective to purchase or lease?
Will my new landlord pay for tenant improvements?
What is the difference between a triple-net (NNN) and a modified-gross lease?



Finding New Space

Need a new office space that offers the right image and visibility for your business? Looking for an industrial space for manufacturing with sufficient power or warehouse space with a small office and high ceilings? Looking for a retail space with high visibility and great foot traffic to open a bakery or flower shop? Are you a Venture Capital (VC) funded startup looking for an R&D office space? Plan to relocate to the Bay Area? Whatever your space needs may be, Weststone can help you find the right property that conforms to criteria you set. We provide you with a comprehensive list of availabilities that will meet your needs. We work with you from the beginning to the end.



For Each Potential Space Location, We Will Evaluate:

Rental rates, including NNN rent, Gross rent, Modified
Industrial Gross Lease, Full Service Lease, etc.
Floorplan configuration
Space efficiencies
Property amenities
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
Parking ratio
Property operating expenses
Power levels and energy costs
Moving costs
Construction Costs
Tenant Improvements
American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance
Lease economics including rental escalations, tenant improvements, renewal and expansion options, rental and lease concessions, etc.



Negotiating Lease and Lease Renewals

Negotiating favorable lease terms requires understanding of the current local market conditions, knowledge of the lease economics and strategies, and years of negotiating experience. Armed with years of leasing experience, real estate creativity and intelligence, Weststone's professionals can help you to:

Cost effectively negotiate a favorable lease agreement for your chosen location
Optimize the floor plans and configurations that meet your immediate and future requirements
Analyze, present and document all costs associated with the lease or lease renewals
Reduce overall leasing costs